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why explore the Mars

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why explore the Mars

i saw an article told about why we should explore the Mars ?


Why human want to and should step foot on that planet ?


Maybe you think that planet is not suitable at all for human to live.

It is like a deserted planet with no oxygen, no real atmosphere, nothing to eat or drink, freezing temperatures, bone-depleting gravity and space radiation.



But why we should still spread humanity into the rest of the solar system ?


Do you know how to make Oxyzen on Mars ?


Maybe you do not know but engineers do. so do not worry. Some people call it MOXIE.


MOXIE stands for Mars oxygen ISRU experiment.


ISRU stands for In-Situ Resource  Utilization.


Without oxygen, we can not breath, so it is very important.


why we should explore Mars ?


Incase one day our earth is being ruined by Cosmos, who knows. we need to prepare.


we can not put all our eggs in one basket.


It is not like we are going to abandon our earth. Run away from our problems instead of sovlving it.


if we can get humans set up on Mars, it will serve as a stepping stone to enable further exploration into the rest of the solar system.


The solar system is still worth our time and energy.


We do these things not because they are easy but they are hard.



Imaginary often carry us to worlds that never were.










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